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California Straight 2 Compton


EXPAND YOUR GANG TERRITORIUM AND RULE THE HOOD! Your gang has been in hard times but now you are back, and ready to bring your gang the San Andreas Thugs back on the map. You have been locked up for some time, five long years behind bars. Surviving the gang wars going on inside the prison facility. But today they put you back on the street, arriving home you see your old neighborhood is been taken over. It seems your main rivals from the past have most of the hood under control. They call themselves the hood dogs basterds, you see there gang colors everywhere. Its time to prepare yourself and to take back what was once yours.HOW TO TAKE OVER THE DIFFERENT AREAS OF THE HOOD, To take over an area you need prepare yourselves in a good way, buy the right guns and ammo to make sure you will not run out during a gunfight. The hard part of the gang wars is taking over the parts of the hood one by one. You need to make sure you take on the gangsters with the right amount of weapons and ammo. To start a gang war you need to shoot two rival gang members in the same area, then a gang war automatically starts and you need to survive and take out all the gangsters in that area to take over that part of the hood.
WATCH OUT THAT YOU DON'T GET SHOT IN THE GANGWARWhat happens if you die during a shoot out, then you need to start over again. You can try later on to take over the same part or go for another gang hood area.
CALIFORNIA STRAIGHT 2 COMPTON GAME FEATURES:Look for the right gun and take over the hoodBuy guns, cars and rule the streets of the hoodTry to control 100% of the neighborhood Check out the different rides and guns in the store Earn money and provide yourself with best guns and ammo around
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